Emmett Office Staff

Nathan Duckert - Plant Manager, CCA                                                          

Jack Dorman - Grain

Carl Welch - Sales Manager                                                                           

Dale Schoen - Office/Grain

Jill Lewis - Office/Grain

Chad Thom - Agronomy Sales, CCA

Samantha Weyer-Agronomy Sales ,CCA 

2016 Dekalb Yield Chaser Winners

Left to Right: Bryon Eshenburg, Jeff Parr, Tyne Morgan (RFDTV US Farm),

Alvin Ferguson, & Jesse Zimba


We would also like to thank Dale Zehr, Nic Zehr, Matt Zimba, Don Koning, Ron Parks, Jay Parr, Gerry Opificius, Mike Opificius, Rich Schapman, Randy Eschenburg, Jay Ferguson for participating in the 2016 Yeild Chasers Competition too.



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 A little more of the fun from the 2016 Yield Chasers Meeting!

                      Thanks again for competing.


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