Emmett Office Staff

Nathan Duckert - Plant Manager, CCA

Jack Dorman - Grain

Carl Welch - Sales Manager

Dale Schoen - Office/Grain

Jill Lewis - Office/Grain

Chad Thom - Agronomy Sales, CCA

Samantha Beyer - Agronomy Sales, CCA

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Farm Credit Application



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10730 Mary Street

Emmett, MI 48022



7863 Babcock

Jeddo, MI 48032


 Emmett  Hours

Monday -Friday

7:00 am  - 5:OO  pm




Last Day

Excepting Corn & Soybean

Deliveries to Emmett is

Friday June 30th

(Getting Ready for Wheat Harvest)


Jeddo plant will be closed the

month of June for repairs


Telephone: 810-384-6519

Fax: 810-384-1789


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Asgrow Dekalb Yield Chasers





Alvin Ferguson   1st Place   DKC52-61


 Peggy & Carl Foster Representing

JLJ Parr

Jeff Parr    5th Place    AG2035

Jay Parr     7th Place     AG2035


   Jay Ferguson    1st Place    DKC49-73       


Gerry Opificius     2nd Place     DKC46-20

Mike Opificius     1st Place     DKC43-10


Carl Welch

Honored for 10 Years of Participation


Best Dressed!!!

Randy Eschenburg & Regenia


Congrats to everyone that placed!

Thank you to Eschenburg Farm (Almont), Dale Zehr, Nic Zehr, Ron Parks, Mitchell Parks, Jesse Zimba, Matt Zimba, Ben Zimba, and Steve Went for participating in the 2017 Yield chaser.